Change Our Skyline.

Change Our Future.

Las Vegas is the No. 1 tourism destination in the country.

We are No. 1 for a reason. We’re the best because we continue to raise the bar and set the standards. It’s that time again. And we need your support for both the Las Vegas Convention Center expansion and the new Stadium to not only keep us on top, but to also help our communities in the process.

These two projects combined will bring 14,000 new permanent jobs, thousands of construction jobs, $32 million in added funds for education and more than $1.4 billion added to the local economy annually. That means more jobs, more schools and a growing economy at no cost to you, the Nevada taxpayer.

We can’t afford to miss this growth opportunity. Our continued success depends on it.

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We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to move Southern Nevada to the next level. Construction of both the convention center expansion and the stadium will propel Southern Nevada forward on the national stage, while creating jobs and boosting the economy. If we miss this window of opportunity, it literally may not come around again in our lifetimes.

Las Vegas is a city of reinvention and betting on the future. These two projects mark the next phase of our reinvention and growth into a major metropolitan city.


These two projects combined will have an annual incremental economic impact of $1.43 billion dollars. They’ll add more than 1 million annual visitors, and more than 1.8 million annual room nights.

These two projects combined will generate more than $84 million in annual public revenue. That’s $27.1 million for the state general fund, and $57.1 million in revenue for local government.

Nevada taxpayers will not pay the taxes funding these projects, but will reap the benefits of the tax revenue generated.


These two projects will help a construction industry workforce that is still suffering from high unemployment. Combined, the stadium and convention center projects will create thousands of construction jobs during the projects’ multi-year construction period.

These two projects will also create nearly 14,000 new permanent jobs in the community.


The intended use of room tax is for economic development and tourism. Notwithstanding, in fiscal year 2015, room tax alone generated $81.3 million for school construction in Clark County. It has provided nearly $1 billion since 1998.

Currently, more than one third of all funding for Nevada public schools comes from the gaming industry through room tax combined with property and other taxes.

The convention center expansion and stadium project, when complete, will generate an additional $32.4 million annually for state and local education through additional room tax collection.